I Don’t Believe in Bridezillas

When folks find out that I’m a wedding photographer, they often ask if I have had to deal with any crazy Bridezillas. I used to demur, saying that perhaps my clients self-selected by choosing a laid back photographer, and Bridezillas were looking for someone of a different temperament. People often seemed disappointed with my answer. Over time, I came to understand...
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A Ceremony in the Park and a Party at The Box

Walking Out

Greg and Jennifer’s wedding is proof that clouds often come with silver linings. Just a few months before the big day, their oceanside venue cancelled on them. Though this could have been cause for anguish, Jennifer and Greg decided to move forward with their date and held their ceremony at a beautiful location in San Francisco, McKinley...
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San Francisco City Hall

Across the Court

San Francisco City Hall is a beautiful spot for a wedding that elevates the event so much more than the phrase ‘Courthouse Wedding’ usually implies.