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Fairyland Engagement Portraits

Because these two were getting married at here, we got to have a special day to run around Fairyland all by ourselves. (I didn’t tell my 4 year old because I knew she’d be insanely jealous!)

Temescal Beach House


This is what an office romance done right looks like. John and Nicole, who met at work, were married in Oakland at the Temescal Beach House. The Beach House has a beautiful view of Lake Temescal and a pair of waterfalls on the property. One of my favorite moments at this event was the bouquet…
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Oakland Wedding: The Bandstand and Children’s Fairyland


Bride and Groom? Nope, Bride and Broom. This is Marissa and Sarah’s wedding in Oakland. Marissa, from the start of the day, described herself as the Broom and her half of the wedding party as the Broomsmen. I didn’t ask her to expand on the portmanteau but I don’t think it’s an unfair assumption that…
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